Through the aid of the Holy Spirit we; Encounter others as we go, Engage them in discipling relationships, and Empower them to do the same.



Allow God to be active through us in reaching our Families for Christ.

Be intentional as God uses us to inspire our Friends growing relationship with Christ

Be salt, and light and diligent workers as God sends us into our Workplaces.

Ensure our Community is encountering God through events, outreach, and mission.

Spread the gospel to all the World by going, sending, and supporting those who are sent.

ENGAGE in discipling relationships

Be fully committed to Christ as Lord in every area of our lives.

Be fully transformed into a Child of God freely receiving of his provision, security, and significance

Actively pray for and seek out spiritual Mentors who can enrich and inspire our faith.

Our experience of being blessed shall be passed on to others we are Discipling.  

Be active in small groups of Peers who are accountable and seeking God’s direction in our lives.

Go and serve the ministry of God’s call in our lives that stirs our deepest passions.

EMPOWER others

Teach others that Christ alone is good and the perfect guide of every aspect of life.

Ensure we are fluent with the use and truth of God’s Word.

Teach others that God is Love and demonstrate the Arms of Love to others.

Teach others to commune continually, humbly, and worshipfully on Knees for Prayer.

Equip others with confidence and courage to share the Good News in action and word.

Equip others to Give Extravagantly of our time, resources, and energy advancing the fullest expression of God’s rule in our culture.